Association of University Export Control Officers  

The Association of University Export Control Officers or "AUECO" is a member-driven organization whose objective is to advance the export control profession at institutions of higher education by fostering a diverse, collaborative community.

AUECO members bolster each other by not only engaging in daily export compliance-based discussions, but also assist in generating developmental programming and enriching training, all while simultaneously advocating for academia and research equities.

What we do

AUECO is an association of over 400 export control professionals with compliance responsibilities at over 250 institutions of
higher education within the United States. We focus on various export compliance topics of interest and concern to the higher
education and scientific community
such as:

- academic freedom

- the protection of fundamental research and dissemination

- emerging and foundational technologies
- and many other trade compliance-related issues

AUECO is committed to monitoring changes in the administration of export control laws and regulations that may affect the    

unique natures of higher education and academia, including academic and research collaborations.

Membership Matters

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