How To Join AUECO

Membership in AUECO is available to export control officers and other employees at U.S. institutions of higher education primarily responsible for administration of export, import, and trade sanctions regulations.

AUECO Membership Application

Membership Cost

Membership dues are not required for membership in AUECO at this time. Registration fees may be required to attend some AUECO seminars and events; information about such fees will be provided with the registration materials for the event.

The Membership Experience

Membership in AUECO is open to export control officers and other employees of institutions of higher education in the United States who are responsible for the administration of export, import and trade sanctions regulations at their institution. Formed in 2008, AUECO initially encouraged more experienced export compliance officers to join in order to recruit a core of seasoned experts. AUECO has now grown to more than 200 members from over 140 different institutions of higher learning, and in 2014 adopted new membership criteria to encourage both novice and experienced members to join and help accomplish AUECO’s mission.

Since its inception, AUECO has:

  • developed and issued guidance documents,
  • organized, developed and delivered educational programs in the form of annual conferences and periodic membership webinars on various export compliance topics of interest and concern to the higher education and scientific community, and
  • researched and responded to the voluminous regulatory changes associated with export reform to protect fundamental research and the interests of higher education.