OFAC Questions Session

This session will have an OFAC official answering the questions AUECO submitted at the beginning of this year. Sign-up link: https://uwmadison.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYrceurrjgtG93gDOfmk7NJiPLZgsh6rE3w NOTICE:  This session will NOT be recorded.

AUECO Advanced Basic Workshop (Session 3)

This AUECO Workshop is build upon the content of the Basic Workshop. Participation in the Basic Workshop is not a prerequisite. Open to AUECO members only.

Developing your Export Management Compliance Program – Webinar

Need some help learning the ins and outs of classifications? Attend this webinar to gain a basic overview of how to classify items on the USML and CCL. Tips, tricks, and war stories. This webinar is aimed at people with some or no experience at classifications.

Roundtable – Cocoa and Conversation

Have an export control issue you need to talk out? Feeling overwhelmed by the holidays? Want to share a funny story about a PI interaction? Need someone to appreciate all the work you put into those famous cookies? This year has been rough to say the least and we have not had a chance to … Continued