The Association of University Export Control Officers (AUECO) is composed of export control officers and other compliance officers at U.S. institutions of higher education. University export control officers are primarily responsible for administration of export, import and trade sanctions policies at their university. AUECO provides a forum for information exchange and collaboration among its members, and analyzes and advocates for policies and regulations of interest to higher education.

The AUECO Story

The concept leading to the Association of University Export Control Officers was developed in 2007 by three export officers who saw the need to share and promote expertise in the niche field of university export compliance. The first formal meeting of 17 university export officers was held on May 13, 2008, when the Charter and Bylaws were approved. In 2013, AUECO held its first annual conference, which was open to non-members and included presentations by some of the 27 AUECO members as well as government representatives. In 2018, AUECO celebrated 10 years of association, advocacy, and collaboration. Milestones included growth from 17 to 270+ members, submission of over 40 comment letters to U.S. Government regulators, and organization of six university-hosted annual conferences. Today, AUECO members are planning the next annual conference, participating in educational webinars, preparing guidance papers, nurturing relationships with government officials, and monitoring issues. AUECO will continue supporting and advancing the expertise of university export control officers.

AUECO Executive Board

Chair: David Ivey
Vice-Chair: Mary Duarte Millsaps (Interim)
Secretary: Jill Zimbelman
Treasurer: Brittany Whiting
Membership: Rebecca Haworth
Outreach: Bethany Nelson
Past-Chair: Wayne L. Mowery, Jr. (Interim)

For more information about the AUECO Executive Board team, please visit the Executive Board page.


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AUECO Committees

AUECO operates predominately through its committees.  For information about the various AUECO Committees, please visit the Committees page (COMING SOON).