7th Impact of Export Controls on Higher Education & Scientific Institutions

Hosted by: University of California System; University of Southern California; and San Diego State University

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Summary:  The 2019 Conference on the Impact of Export Controls on Higher Education and Scientific Institutions is a four-day event.  Speakers and attendees will include university export compliance officers, federal policy and enforcement personnel, legal practitioners, and other experts.

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  • Full Day Workshops
    • Export Compliance Basics (Year 6)
    • Intermediate Export Compliance (Year 4)
    • Advanced Topics in Export Compliance (Year 5)
      • Group Discussions on Current Issues, Emerging Concerns, Best Practices, and Compliance Program management
      • Update and Conversation with the Department of Defense, Basic Research Office – Acting Director Dr. Bindu Nair
  • Government Speakers:
    • Thomas Andrukonis (BIS)
    • Devin Casey (NARA)
    • Taekuk Cho (HSI)
    • Marissa Cloutier (BIS)
    • Scott Douglass (OFAC)
    • Quentin Morgan (OFAC)
    • Rob Monjay (DOS)
    • Mond Mugiya (FBI)
    • Catherine Mulé (ONR)
    • Dr. Bindu Nair (DOD)
    • Karen NiesVogel (BIS)
    • Kimberly Orr (BIS)
    • Max Postman (DOE/NNSA)
    • Debbie Rafi (ONR)
    • Patrick Shiflett (FBI)
    • Richard Weir (OEE)
  • Session Topic Highlights:
    • Best Practices for Iranians Working on EAR Projects
    • China’s Technology Leadership Strategy
    • DOD Research Contracting
    • Drone Regulations
    • Dual Use Biologics
    • Electronic Resources for the ECP
    • Embargoes
    • Evolving Roles of the Export Compliance Office
    • Foreign Person Employees
    • Immigration and Export Controls
    • Insider Threats
    • Jurisdiction and Classification
    • Licensing, Exemptions, and TCPs
    • Restricted Party Screening
    • Restricted Research Compliance
    • Shipping – An Overview of Export Controls in Physical Exports
    • Shipping for Academic Institutions
    • Software and Export Controls
    • Government Updates
      • BIS/State/NNSA Updates
      • CUI Implementation Update
      • DOD and University Perspectives on Foreign Influence
      • Enforcement Agencies Panel
    • Content Areas of Focus
      • Compliance Programs Management
      • Foreign Influence
      • Round Table Discussions
      • Shipping