1st Impact of Export Controls on Higher Education & Scientific Institutions

Hosted by:  University of Pennsylvania

Conference Website

Summary:  The conference focused on US Export Controls for the academic and scientific community with the goal of bringing together representatives from various US Government Agencies to engage the university community on the export control issues that specifically affect universities, clinical research centers, and other nonprofit research institutions.

Access the full 2013 Conference agenda here


  • Inaugural Full Day Workshop (Export Control 101 – Basics of Export Control)
  • Government Speakers:
    • Bryce Bewley (BIS)
    • Matthew Borman (BIS)
    • John Hall (NASA)
    • Stephen Hall (BIS)
    • Robert Juste (BIS)
    • Bernard Kritzer (BIS)
    • Ann Murphy (NOAA)
    • Kimberly Orr (BIS)
    • Sidney Simon (BIS)
    • Robin Staffin (DOD)
  • Session Topic Highlights:
    • Deemed Exports
    • Export Control Reform Update
    • Fundamental Research
    • Government Committee Updates (PECSEA and D-TAG)
    • Licensing – Deemed Exports and Physical Exports
    • Technology Control Plans
    • Content Areas of Focus
      • Biological/Chemical Exports
      • Emerging Technology
      • Export Controls and the NASA Community
      • Federal Contracting
      • Overseas Campuses
      • University and Industry Collaborations